President’s speech

Zartonk-89 president Silva Vardanyan

Dear visitor,

welcome to Zartonk-89 PAP web page. In my opinion, NGOs based on a problem can develop, strengthen and continue their work with a certain strategy and stakeholder group. Here, too, right after the 1989 earthquake. Zartonk-89 Charitable NGO was founded and has set itself the goal of addressing the educational, health and human rights issues of needy children, adolescents and young people.

We can honestly say that Zartonk-89 PAP is the bearer of the above-mentioned ideology, which has been the guarantee of its success for many years. For over three decades Zartonk-89 PAP has been carrying out a humanitarian mission in various regions of the Republic of Armenia, including psychological and material support to children affected by war, education and health support for children, summer vacation, healthy lifestyle training, violence against children, child labor. abuse prevention programs.

The voluntary sector, which has its unique place and role in the work of the organization, is also a great impetus for the development and strengthening of the organization. In addition to contract workers, our projects involve volunteers of different backgrounds whose work makes the implementation of the programs more efficient. Of course, the work with children, adolescents and young people is endless, endless. That is why the strategic goals of the organization are currently being worked out, which will contribute to the overall development of our beneficiaries, their tolerance, their easy adaptation to the new environment.

Contribute to the educational, health, and empowerment issues of the beneficiaries. To promote the development of intercultural learning and dialogue, as well as the culture of peace, the promotion of an atmosphere of tolerance in the Republic of Armenia and worldwide. Develop cooperation between international and local organizations. To contribute to the solution of the problems facing the youth of the Republic of Armenia and to raising legal awareness. To promote the establishment of democracy in the Republic of Armenia and to improve the living standards of the people.

I hope that there will continue to be interested organizations, individual benefactors with whom we can collaborate, which will help expand the organization and increase the number of beneficiaries, thereby further enhancing and consolidating our achievements and achievements. We urge you to also participate in this great mission by inviting close cooperation to support the most needy children of our people. Inviting you to collaborate, I am confident that our experience and knowledge combined with your energy can work wonders.