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We can do this together.

Dear donors and supporters,

Millions of people had to leave their homeland and look for shelter in various countries because of the armed conflict in Syria. Those who survived the war are mostly children from Armenian families living in Syria.

From the corresponding studies and research, it is evident that immigrant children and teenagers need to be involved in non-formal training modules, where they will be able to share their ideas and suggestions, work in a team, and look for solutions to their problems.

Our goal is to help the target group children, give them an opportunity to get integrated into Armenian society and, of course, reduce their social and psychological problems.

We need your support in this difficult process more than ever. Together we can help children to smile and forget about ther terrible experiences of the war.

During the meeting, the beneficiaries had the chance to work both as a team and individually. The participants completed their assigned tasks, listened to one another, and obtained new knowledge with great enthusiasm.

We present to you our beneficiary, Karine, who received her Christmas gift from Zartonk-89. She is a very positive, kind and modest girl. When asked what her dream is for 2021, she answered that she wants to live in a peaceful country and not see war anymore.

This girl’s answer encourages us to move forward and strengthen everything we have in Armenia. Once again, thank you, dear donors, and remember that your every gesture is important for our team and our beneficiaries. We are more than happy to inform you about the measurable progress of this project.