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Improving the social skills of the beneficiaries

Dear donors and supporters,

Millions of people had to leave their homeland and seek shelter in various countries because of the armed conflict in Syria. The main goal of this project is to help refugee children from Syria overcome this crisis and the ensuing challenges. Your support helps us to create a new life for them.

From the corresponding studies and research, it is evident that immigrant children and teenagers need to be involved in non-formal training modules, where they will be able to share their ideas and suggestions, work in a team, and find solutions to their problems.

The picture shows Alex, Nina, and Hermine, who returned to their homeland, Armenia, due to the armed conflict in Syria. This time, they had the opportunity to strengthen their social skills and participate in teamwork. During the meeting, they shared their skills and built a successful team. They were asked to write down the steps that would help them achieve their goals. This work enabled the beneficiaries to think of ways to reach the goal.

Next was the “I am different” task. Beneficiaries were required to write everything that made them unique and different. This interesting task helped the beneficiaries to discover their hidden sides, as well as to discover their hidden talents. We are implementing various processes to help them recover their lost knowledge and integrate into Armenian society.

Once again, thank you, dear donors, and remember that your every gesture is important for our team and our beneficiaries. We are confident that this program will be expanded every day thanks to you.