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They can do even more

Dear donors,

We would like to present the history and message of one of our beneficiaries, Maria, to our donors.

“Hello. I now think that the stable and bright communities in Armenia have become visible, as our team is strong and proactive. We are a new generation of young journalists, and we will do everything to discover and solve Armenia’s problems. Help us do even more.”

We are glad to inform you that, because of you, we can continue to support the new generation of young journalists to explore the main problems of their communities, and to carry out research and analytical work.

The project aims to promote the involvement of the youth of the Republic of Armenia in the development of their communities, to develop their skills to identify community problems, and find solutions choosing the modern technology as a tool and a platform.

Being in socially vulnerable conditions, most of the youth in the distant regions of RA, having noticeable lack of knowledge and skills in journalism, mass media, IT, cannot inform the society and share their problems. Some of them get disappointed and leave their communities. As a result, the youth becomes more passive and the community’s problems become hidden.

Dear donors, your donations were directed towards the implementation of training a new generation of young journalists. In various communities of the Republic of Armenia, we carried out training in non-formal methodology, which was titled “Young Experts”. The training aimed at boosting their skills in journalism, analytics, and creativity. Developing analytical minds will promote the development of free speech and thinking ability, which are important for mastering the main principles of journalism and the progress of modern technologies.