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Empower teenagers through IT

Dear donors, our partners,

We are glad to inform you that, due to your support, we are able to continue encouraging new generations of young journalists to speak out about issues occurring in their communities.

The “ICT as a Tool for Young Voices” project continues to train young journalists via an informal, interactive course in order to support their target group via modern, innovative technologies while also teaching them to dedicate their efforts to causes that benefit their communities.

The main purpose of the project is to promote the involvement of the youth of the Republic of Armenia in their communities’ development and to teach them how to use journalistic, creative skills and abilities to overcome any challenges they encounter.

Our beneficiaries witness various issues in the rural marzes of the Republic of Armenia. They try to use the resources available to them to resolve these difficult situations, however, many lack the skills and abilities necessary to find a solution on their own. As a result, the beneficiaries of this project need the advantages they gain via our training to create teams, build group communication skills, and increase their knowledge and level of awareness of the issues they are trying to resolve.

Dear donors, your support is vital to the implementation of these informal training courses.

We greatly appreciate that you are next to us and willing to help us support young journalists through these very important steps. All your donations are directed to support the development of the communities of the Republic of Armenia. Our special trainings are incredibly unique, progressive, and innovative. They play a prominent role in helping us to understand the life challenges faced by our beneficiaries and how we can support their goals to better their communities. 

Dear donors,

We would like to inform you that the names of all project participants were changed in order to protect their privacy.

The following is Mara’s feelings about the project and a message addressed to all our donors.

Hello my name is Mara. I am so happy to be involved in these great trainings courses. In my life, I have many problems so the problems faced by the Armenian communities is a focal point for me. These kinds of meetings help us to understand and investigate our surroundings, the challenges, the modern IT opportunities, etc. You and Zartonk-89 gave us the opportunity to improve and empower our knowledge, intelligence, and abilities. Thank you so much for that opportunity. We can do this together; I am sure of it.