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Continuation of distance education

Dear Donors,

Our world looks different now with COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean we cannot make a difference – in fact, it’s needed now more than ever. We’re excited to let you know about changes in our program that will help you make an impact from wherever you are, whenever you can.

In remote communities of Armenia, people live in extreme poverty. It is difficult for parents to build a prosperous life for their children, as many of them can barely make a living. The goal of our team is to improve the quality of life for children in these families and, most importantly, educate them.

The aim of this project is to help the children to fill the gaps in their knowledge, to feel comfortable in a group, and to learn and work in a friendly environment.

We are again happy to mention that, due to your great impact on this project, you are building a solid basis and strong connection with our beneficiaries.

This time, we instructed our beneficiaries to answer the following question: “How are you really?” It was very important for us to hear their opinions and answers about this new reality: as there is a pandemic, they should move on to the distance education.

We hope that we will have a chance to share happy and important moments with you.

The following is Roman’s story and message addressed to the donors.

“Hello, my name is Roman. I am glad to be involved in this program again because, during the pandemic, this program is helping us even more to become stronger, to be educated, and, of course, to make up for missed knowledge. I am sure that this period will end and we will live in peace and freedom. Thank you for helping me – it makes me happy.”