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The psychosocial assistance to beneficiaries

Dear donors,

Pictured here is Alex. He is a very willing, stable, and hardworking young man. This program helps him to forget the difficult days of the past, to forget the days of the war in Syria, to look ahead to his future. During the seminars he has the opportunity to share his ideas and opinions, and to participate in informal methodological courses.

Alex, our beneficiary, received his Christmas gift from Zartonk-89. When asked what his dream is for 2022, he answered that he wants to live in a safe and stable environment.

Hello, I’m Alex. I have a sister who studies at the university. I love playing basketball, football, and going to karate group practice. I also attend an Armenian national dance group, where I have the opportunity to try my hand in this field. I was amazed by Armenian culture and traditions. I hope I can forget the war and instead look ahead to living happily with my family.

I wish to become a karate competitor and I dream of flying to space. I love football, my favourite team is Real Madrid and my favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo above all the others. I would like to continue being involved in this project and live happily in Armenia.

Dear donors,

From the corresponding studies and research, it is evident that immigrant children and teenagers need to be involved in non-formal training modules, where they can share their ideas and suggestions, work in a team, and find solutions to their problems. We are implementing various processes to help them recover their lost opportunities and integrate into Armenian society.

Once again, thank you, dear donors, and remember that your every gesture is important to our team and our beneficiaries. We are confident that this program will be expanded every day with your help.