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Give Me a Pen as Well

The program applies to all regions of the young people who are interested in journalism, but lack the ability to communicate with each other, answers to your questions, to share their ideas and skills to identify problems in their regions, socialize, seek solutions and new knowledge in the field of IT.

Our methods and activities are online center establishment and expansion, web design, organize meetings in different regions, provide new knowledge to  our beneficiaries in the IT sector in Armenia.

The goals:

To develop and enhance online center for young journalists from the 11 provinces. To stakeholders to enhance our knowledge of ICT and media journalism. To encourage active participation of young people in their communities in the development process. To support the  Republic of Armenia to promote the use of information technology among young people in journalism, research, and creative skills development.  To help young journalists to discover the endless possibilities of new media distribution and application. To identify and encourage young journalists the best topics and articles. To expand online center members. To organize meetings in different regions with high school students.  To plan in various regions of young journalists  discussions, seminars, workshops and journalistic practices and knowledge sharing. To follow  residents of the villages, especially in border areas, to encourage them to continue their work. To promote cooperation with other public sector organizations, educational portals, different regions of the youth associations, the media, school councilors. Contribute to the well-known journalists, blogging organization during regional meetings with our beneficiaries.


• Organization of meetings in the schools of the regions and 2 Seminars in Yerevan and Vanadzor.

• Creating a new website

• Expansion of online center.


• Our beneficiaries will improve their to journalistic, creative and research skills.

• They will gain knowledge of new media and IT industries.

• Expansion of Youth’s online center.

• Participants will improve their community issues, as well as receive answers in a professional manner to their questions

• They socialized in the different regions with their peers, share their skills and experience.

• Increase and develop use of media amongst young journalists. Increase supplementary education sector of  new media .

• Coverage of new media tools for young users nationwide.

• The program will encourage participants’s use of free speech and thought.