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Transition to distance IT learning

Dear Donors,

Our world looks different now with COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean we cannot make a difference – in fact, it’s needed now more than ever. We’re excited to let you know about changes in our program that will help you make an impact from wherever you are, whenever you can.

Due to your high impact on this program, we continue to support the young journalists of the new generation. They are regularly being trained and updated on contemporary technologies, as well as the rules of civic journalism. As young people are the main part of the community, we aim to help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills through interactive meetings.

In the pictures, you can see how young people participate in distance learning courses to develop their abilities and skills. The mission of this program is to activate young people and help them solve community problems. We continue to empower, educate, and teach them to move forward.

Your donations continue to make it possible for us to support these active and proactive young people. The youth of Armenia have incredible power to make their communities prosper․

Your commitment to this program is very important to us. We are happy to inform you about the achievements that are becoming more and more visible as time passes. Armenian communities may have many problems and challenges, but the keys to their solutions are in the hands of young people.

We are going to move on to the next stage of the program and, of course, assess our beneficiaries’ capabilities in real-life practice․ During this difficult and alarming period, we need your support more than ever – please remember that each of your gestures is very important to them.