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Creative approaches in societies

Dear Donors,

Thanks to your important role and influence in this program, we continue to support young leaders interested in the issues facing Armenian communities.

Rural communities in Armenia have many problems that are varied. Residents are living in bad conditions. Nevertheless, a number of them are active young people who are frustrated by the current situation and leave home. Young people have a unique influence in society and our goal is to empower them. Project beneficiaries are regularly trained in modern technologies as well as civic journalism.

Young leaders of the community often refer to themselves as a “new generation of young experts” because the key to solving problems seems to be in their hands.

Thanks to your donations, we organized an interactive meeting in the capital of Yerevan. Through individual work, each beneficiary was given printed trees. They had to indicate problems in the community at the roots of the tree and indicate the consequences or impact of the problem on the branches of the tree. One participant mentioned that there were problems with waste collection and street lighting in his community. Then, he pointed to the stench of the streets and the risky traffic at night on the branches of the tree. This creative work helped beneficiaries visualize problems and their consequences.

Dear Donors,

We would like to inform you that the names of all project participants were changed in order to protect their privacy.

Your donations continue to support this active and entrepreneurial youth. Every gesture you make is important to the beneficiaries concerned.

We would like to present the history and message of one of our new beneficiaries, Gayane, to our donors.

Hi, I’m Gayane. I want to live in a society where people feel happy and safe. I believe that through this project our dreams will come true, and we will be able to just smile when we see our surroundings. We are young professionals interested in the community.

Thank you!