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Karine’s impact on this project

Dear donors and supporters,

Millions of people had to leave their homeland and look for shelter in various countries because of the armed conflict in Syria.

After returning to Armenia, it has been very difficult for them to adapt to this new reality, because the war has made them more aggressive, conflict-prone, and less tolerant. This project will provide them with the necessary skills to overcome these difficulties and focus on the future.

Those who survived the war are mostly children from Armenian families living in Syria.

Our goal is to support these school-aged children and give them an opportunity to integrate into Armenian society.

We want to present you the story of our new beneficiary and share her passion, emotions, and readiness.

Here is the personal story of our new beneficiary, Karine, and her message to all donors.

Hello, my name is Karine, and I am 10 years old. My family consists of 3 people. I am so happy to get involved in this project, because coming to Armenia to live with kind and honest people is in my priority. My favorite place is Saghmosavank which is located in Armenia. My message to all donors of this project is to help us to overcome this crisis and live in our motherland with peace. And in the end, I want to mention one thing that people do not know about me: my dreams come true.

With such a story, the beneficiaries introduce themselves. Your individual gesture gives them more and helps them to forget those feelings which are already fading into the past. Together we can change the world, and live peacefully and in harmony. And of course, overcome the indifference.

Thank you for your support and commitment.