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Empower 50 refugee children in Armenia


As a consequence of the armed conflict in Syria, millions of people have been forced to leave their homeland and seek refuge in different countries. This project will help 50 Armenian refugee children from Syria overcome this crisis and the ensuing challenges it has caused by providing them with psychosocial support.


Since 2011, millions of children have suffered and experienced severe distress as a consequence of the conflict in Syria. Some of the survivors are the children of Armenian families that were living in Syria. After returning to Armenia, it has been very difficult for them to adapt to this new reality because the war has made them more aggressive, conflict-prone, and less tolerant. This project will provide them with the necessary skills to overcome these difficulties and focus on the future.


We will organize training courses for Armenian and refugee children in order to build an atmosphere of intercultural dialogue and, of course, help them to recover from their emotional trauma. The training will include the following topics: conflict management, stress management, tolerance, and diversity of viewpoints. We will provide beneficiaries with the necessary stationery and other materials in order to help fill the gaps in knowledge left by Armenian schools.

Long-Term Impact

As a tangible result of this project, 50 refugee children that have settled in Armenia and their families will overcome the crisis, integrate within Armenian society and live in a peaceful and stable environment. They will also be able to continue their education and find work in Armenia.