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ICT as a tool for young voices


This project supports 110 young journalists in Armenia in helping them identify community problems and solve them through mass media and modern technology.


Rural communities in Armenia are full of problems and there is a widespread indifference. In rural areas, people live in extreme poverty. Some of these people are active young people who leave their homes in despair due to the dire situation. This project will provide them with the necessary journalistic, research, and media skills and capacities to find solutions to these problems.


We train young, motivated journalists to cover their community issues. By knowing and understanding journalistic and media skills, the 110 young experts from the new generation will be able to identify and solve existing problems.

Long-Term Impact

This project will teach 110 young journalists to study Armenian communities and identify their problems. Young experts from the new generation will share their knowledge and experience with other community members. Community problems will become visible and the indifference among community members will be diminished. They will not leave their villages and will seek a job within their communities.